The 8 Foods You Can’t Eat Without Coffee

As all coffee lovers know, there are certain foods that just don’t taste right without a strong, hot cup of our favorite joe. So we’ve compiled a list of 8 foods that you just can’t eat without coffee (at least, we don’t think they’re worth eating without coffee!)


1) Doughnuts

What’s your favorite doughnut? Is it a tiger-tail twist? Or perhaps a chocolate covered Long John with angel cream filling? Whatever your choice, doughnuts and coffee are almost inseparable. The sweetness of the doughnut is offset by the bitter bite of your favorite brew.

Whether you’re dunking or chasing those sweet treats, coffee is the perfect beverage to drink with doughnuts.

2) Danishes

When it comes to sweets, danishes and doughnuts are like first cousins. So naturally, anything that goes great with a doughnut will probably also be a big hit alongside a sweet, crispy Danish. When you break off a layer of that sweet danish and dunk it into your coffee, the result is nothing short of amazing. No other beverage could really do justice to these scrumptious pastries.

3) Biscotti

Eating a dry, crunchy Biscotti without your favorite brew is a little like eating lightly sweetened cardboard. You may be able to choke it down, but the result is less than exhilarating. But add coffee, and these bland, twice-baked biscuits are magically transformed into a light, crispy dream come true for your mouth!

4) Coffee Cake

Hello! There’s a reason it’s called COFFEE cake! So why would you dream of tasting even one bite of coffee cake without coffee? Coffee cake and coffee were meant to be together like peas were meant to be with carrots. Or the way peanut butter was meant to be with jelly. Or the way Romeo was meant to be with Juliet! You get the idea.

5) Chocolate

For every kind of chocolate on the planet there is a coffee just begging to be paired with it. Dark chocolate always tastes smoother when paired with a rich, strong brew. White chocolate is a great pairing with a breakfast roast. Milk chocolate can go either way.

And I never met a piece of chocolate that didn’t get along with specialty coffee drinks like espressos and lattes. So next time your sweet tooth is hankering for chocolate, don’t forget the coffee! Chocolate and coffee are definitely a match made in heaven!

6) Peanut Butter

No matter what form it comes in, peanut butter dishes always seem to taste better with a hot cup of coffee. Whether it’s a P.B. and J., a mouthwatering piece of peanut butter pie, or your favorite peanut butter cookies, remember to add coffee. Coffee makes the amazing taste of peanut butter even more satisfying!

7) Cinnamon Buns

Nothing says “good morning” quite like the scrumptious aroma of cinnamon buns wafting through the air. The scent of coffee brewing weaves together with the smell of those heavenly buns. Together they make a symphony of delectable fragrance.

The only thing better than the smell of cinnamon buns and coffee is the taste of cinnamon buns and coffee! Your taste buds will be overwhelmed when you take a bite of the soft, sweet bun and chase it with a bold swallow of hot joe. It doesn’t get much better than this!

8) Any Breakfast Food

Most of our list has focused on sweets. But all of you coffee lovers know that coffee goes great with all kinds of other flavors too. Perhaps the best pairing of all to enjoy with our coffee is breakfast food. Whether it be an omelette, bacon and eggs, sausage gravy and biscuits, pancakes or waffles, you’ve probably never had a breakfast food that wouldn’t be better with coffee.

And breakfast is the perfect time for coffee, because it’s what gets us up and ready to face the world. So rise and shine! And whatever you choose for breakfast, make sure your pot of coffee is perked and ready to go to start your day off right!