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I just ordered some coffee online, I live in Edmond Oklahoma. What I really want is one French Sumatra! My dad, Pete Hegg lives in Laramie, which is where I grew up. He brings me the Sumatra when he visits. Let me know how I can get an order in some time for the Sumatra, thanks!!

Thanks so much for bringing your excellent coffee on tour. Much appreciated.

I just love your coffee shop! Everything about it 🙂 The atmosphere, the people, the coffee!!! Thanks for giving me a place to come to and unwind 🙂

We are from the Seattle area and were visiting family in Cheyenne about a month ago, while touring the area of southern wyoming we stopped in Laramie for a snack. We are still talking about the wonderful coffee and espresso we had there. Even with all the wonderful coffee here, we still had no choice but to order some of yours on line.

Thank You
Jim and Gina

For the past 40+ years I have searched for a better cup of coffee.This afternoon I found it at a local bread shop. Your “French Kiss Blend” ranks up there with the best I have tasted. You will find my order in your end box today. Thanks for producing an excellent product.

Cheyenne WY

I am a shuttle driver for Green Ride Colorado, my early morning run has given me time to enjoy the “Up Town” location. The staff has been so friendly and my choc/coconut coffee makes me smile! I had the bad(?) luck of being stuck last Spring for 5 hours because of closed roads and that gave me the chance to eat and sip at the “Down Town” location. I LOVE you guys! I always stop for my Morning Cup of Go!

I love local business!

I stopped by sunday 31/7/11 and had a great, tasty, smokey, sweet yum single ristretto and a cuppa panama; delicious!!!!!!!!! Maybe the best coffee, in my opinion, I’ve had (along w ours) for a long time. You guys got it together!!!!!!

I dropped off a couple Kenya samples roasted 4 days ago w the baristas. I hope owners, roasters and baristas have a taste and give me your feedback. One of the better Kenyas we’ve had the last several years (my opinion).

Thanks Jeff Dreyfuss, Owner, Metropolis Coffee Company, Chicago

I haven’t been in Laramie in 13 years, but remember Coal Creek fondly and I’m so happy to see you are still going strong, even stronger! What a small business success- congrats!

Hey John & Jodi:
Love the updated site! Haven’t been on here in quite awhile! NICE!

Although we are not living in Laramie at the moment, we have a home there and plan to return when we retire in the next several years. Until then, having Coal Creek on hand each morning gives us a fresh coffee to connection to the community! Looking forward to our return!

Planning a move from Laramie to Dubois later this summer, I had resorted to the idea that I was just going to have to give up drinking “great coffee”. During a recent trip through Dubois, however, I was beside myself to discover a local coffee shop that sells Coal Creek Coffee! Walking in and seeing the familiar Coal Creek sign advertising Mexican Chiapas (one of my favorite light roasts!)as their daily brew, I just about starting crying! As silly as it may sound, this fact is making the move and start of a new job much less daunting…for I know I can always escape and relax with a wonderful cup of coffee!

Your coffee is the perhaps the best coffee I’ve ever had. I live in Colorado and I wish you had coffee shops here. It’s really wonderful. Thank you.

You do such a great job with roasting your beans. You have spoiled me with drinking coffee anywhere else. Thanks for the excellent job! And for making it so easy to order and have sent to me.

Your fan,

Hey! I like the new website. I miss you coffee. Can’t wait to drink some when I get back to Laramie. Excellent coffee is hard to find, Like Sunrise Blend for instance:) Hope all is well.

I am a new fan of the coffee!About 4 months ago, I was at the Laramie County Library in Cheyenne, and I popped into the cafe for some coffee. That coffee made my day. I went back a few times and brought others with me! I now go to the library instead of Starbucks. I only regret that the cafe closes before Starbucks, as during the week I have evening meetings, and the only coffee available is Stabucks. It is absolutly no contest, Coal Creek Coffee is amazing and “steams” in competitors faces! I LOVE YOUR COFFEE!

I just went in and bought three bags yesterday. I purchased, “The Gods Must Be Crazy” which is crazy incredible, toasty and smooth, Blue Moon, which is mild and creamy, and French Roast which rules all of my taste buds, I had it blended for esspresso. It’s changed my coffee life. Thank you guys for this wonderful piece of coffee Heaven. Bless you.

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