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Where Do Coffee Beans Come From?

Coffee has been a very popular beverage for over a thousand years. The coffee bean has been a source of both economic growth and political controversy ever since it was discovered. It has been involved in international intrigue, religious debates and even torrid romantic adventures. Discovery of Coffee First discovered when an Ethiopian Herdsman noticed […]

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Am I Drinking Too Much Coffee?

From day-to-day we find ourselves going about our busy lifestyles. We have to cope with many issues and to get us through the day we need a “pick-me-up”; namely, coffee. It doesn’t matter whether our 9-5 schedules are in the mainstream work world or in the home, aromas from a pot or cup of coffee […]

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What Are the Health Benefits of Coffee?

Nothing like sitting down to a freshly brewed cup of coffee, it just kind of turbo charges the day. While you’re sitting back and enjoying the experience, you might want to think about the good things from that cup. There are a number of ways a good cup of coffee or a bit more, can […]

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12 Activities That Are Way Better With a Cup of Coffee

Non-coffee drinkers just don’t get it: Coffee makes everything better. The beloved caffeine infusion sparks brain cells that register enjoyment. If you need proof, check out this list of things that are better when drinking coffee. Is your favorite better-with-coffee activity on the list? 1. Dessert That double-chocolate ultra fudge cake will sweet-kill your taste […]


What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

In recent decades, we have developed a growing awareness of where our food comes from and a concern for the welfare of the people across the world who provide it. This has led to the development of the concept of fair trade. Fair trade simply means that fair prices are paid to the producers of […]


The 8 Foods You Can’t Eat Without Coffee

As all coffee lovers know, there are certain foods that just don’t taste right without a strong, hot cup of our favorite joe. So we’ve compiled a list of 8 foods that you just can’t eat without coffee (at least, we don’t think they’re worth eating without coffee!) 1) Doughnuts What’s your favorite doughnut? Is […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Coffee Beans

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and is a drink that offers a variety of different flavors. Many countries and cultures each prefer coffee to be brewed a specific way, making it a versatile beverage that can be consumed for its caffeine benefits and rich flavor. Today, it continues to […]

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16 Reasons Why Coffee Dates Are the Best

Dating is dicey even under the best of circumstances. There’s the awkward silences, the fear of saying the wrong thing, and so on. To make your dating experience the best it can be, go to a coffee house. Here’s why a coffee date rocks. 16. The Aroma Is there anything better than the delicious smell […]

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9 Reasons You Should Drink Coffee Everyday

When I began my clandestine coffee klatches, sipping aromatic brew contained a whiff of guilty pleasure. I sometimes felt the need for a covert glance around darkened java shops. I had to see if anyone noticed that fourth cup. There were corrupt connotations to drinking coffee, then; that my blood pressure might rise to a […]