Am I Drinking Too Much Coffee?

From day-to-day we find ourselves going about our busy lifestyles. We have to cope with many issues and to get us through the day we need a “pick-me-up”; namely, coffee. It doesn’t matter whether our 9-5 schedules are in the mainstream work world or in the home, aromas from a pot or cup of coffee oftentimes infuse the environment.

Coffee Cup - Cup Of Coffee

Every coffee drinker has his or her justifiable motive for sipping cup after cup of this hot substance and enjoying the taste, as well as the smell. What is really behind the constant need for this jolt of steaming liquid that tends to change our mood with just one sip?

Why Do We Drink Coffee?

Coffee has always been a drink labeled as a stimulant and in most cases deemed the main reason we drink it. Although the taste and favorable reaction we get from drinking this “cup of joe” is at the top of the list, there are other important reasons researched and found.

Health-wise. Coffee has been found to help improve memory, decrease heart disease, boost fat burning, increase dopamine, acts as an antioxidants, lower the risk of particular types of cancers and type 2 diabetes.

Societal means. Coffee from the beginning of time has always been the liquid that enhanced many gatherings. It is a drink that brings our friends, co-workers, and families together. It is at the top of every menu at many board meetings, restaurants, and other small or large assembly.

Affordable. We drink coffee because of the low price. Whether it’s in the break room at work or in the comfort of your home, a cup of coffee costs only a few cents compared to a bottle of juice or drink. And for many of us who are on a budget, that hits our pocket books just right.

Low calorie. Because of the increase of healthier lifestyle changes, people are seeking lower calorie foods, as well as drinks. For many of us who are making these changes, a cup of brewed black coffee with fewer calories than other beverages is welcoming news.

Ways to Drink Coffee

To drink coffee hot or cold, sweet or black, with or without cream, flavored or non-flavored, grounded or instant, introduces different tastes for every coffee drinker. It is the varieties that gives us a choice and keep us coming back.

If you don’t like your coffee black, just by adding a touch of cream, sweetener, and a choice of flavor can make all the difference. It’s your coffee, jazz it up anyway you want.

In addition, knowing which level the coffee bean was roasted is another way of insuring that you are getting the flavor that best fits your taste buds. There are different levels that are available on the market. These levels can include light roast, light medium, medium roast, or dark roast. There are some that are chicory-based or glucose, gum or vegetable oil coated. It is these different attributes that adds the flavors that we just can’t seem to get enough of.

How Much Is Too Much

One cup, two cups, or one pot, two to three pots of coffee per day, who is to say which is too much. There are different factors you can consider when you are trying to decide whether you have exceeded your coffee intake limitation.

For instance, when your body begins to show signs of nervousness, irritability, muscle spasms, or fatigue, these could be short-term effects of too much coffee. Or you notice that you are not getting enough sleep, that your energy level has begun to decrease, these also could be the result of a large intake of coffee. Some others signs can include convulsions, fever, hallucinations, constant headaches, dehydration, or having trouble breathing.

Despite the downside of drinking coffee, there are many advantages that offset the previous. The tradeoff is not alarming enough to say “no” to a cup of this delightful brew when offered or placed before you. The amount of coffee that you should drink per day is debatable and can only be determined by the coffee drinker.

Where one’s body chemical make-up may tolerate fewer cups, another’s may tolerate more. So drink up and enjoy the pleasures that only this cup of brew can bring.