9 Reasons You Should Drink Coffee Everyday

When I began my clandestine coffee klatches, sipping aromatic brew contained a whiff of guilty pleasure. I sometimes felt the need for a covert glance around darkened java shops. I had to see if anyone noticed that fourth cup.

There were corrupt connotations to drinking coffee, then; that my blood pressure might rise to a red-faced roar, or my liver contract into a little, hardened square.

Coffee Cups

My naturalist friends wore long skirts, no makeup, braids. “Get off coffee!” They commanded.

But, with the furtive compulsion of illicit love, I could not part with that cup. Time was on my side, friends. After hiding for years in dim, smokey java shops indulging my clandestine companion, I’ve been vindicated. I’m coming out if the closet. Coffee is good!

Here are nine good reasons to keep drinking it.

Coffee quells depression. It is Monday. Monday’s are bad. Have a cup of coffee. It has been proven that heavy coffee drinkers have the lowest depression risk. Twenty percent of us will spy Friday on the horizon with a cup of Joe.

Coffee and your liver love each other. in fact, the Archives of Internal Medicine pronounced a decreased incidence of cirrhosis, another 20 percent, with each cup. Blood levels of liver enzymes are lowered. Your liver is one organ you want to keep on board.

Coffee outperforms previous notions about fitness. Past fitness advice stipulated no dehydrating coffee before workouts. It’s now known that caffeine enhances speed and endurance, and up to five cups works well and fights fatigue.

Coffee combats gout. Gout could win the title of Worst Little Disease on the Planet. Anything that battles gout is a winner. Independent studies say there is a positive relationship between long-term coffee consumption and reduction of risk for gout. The figures state a whopping 57 percent decrease in gout diagnosis for those who imbibe.

Coffee may fight cancer. Cancer of the prostate is even worse than gout. Men who drink coffee may lower their risk of developing this disease. The Harvard School of Public Health implies that regularly tipping a cup also cuts rates of liver, colon, breast and rectal cancers.

Coffee consumption may lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. A study in 2009 reports that the risk of developing diabetes fell seven percent with each cup of brew. A lot of coffee, like four or more cups a day, lowered risks by 50 percent!

Have a heart for coffee. Coffee cuts the risk of heart disease. Some studies show a link between lowered arterial inflammations and heart ailments for coffee drinkers. We now know that inflammation is the key factor in development of many conditions like heart disease. Raise a cup to this one!

Coffee helps prevent the kind of cognitive decline that leaves you wandering in your own back yard, unable to discover the gate. Austrian researchers found surges in volunteers’ brain activity after caffeine consumption. Bursts of brain function fostered enhanced memory skills and speedy reaction time.

Coffee provides a boost for short-term memory. It’s Monday again. Your desk is littered with orders you forgot about on Friday. Have a cup of coffee and remember! Organize and produce!