16 Reasons Why Coffee Dates Are the Best

Dating is dicey even under the best of circumstances. There’s the awkward silences, the fear of saying the wrong thing, and so on. To make your dating experience the best it can be, go to a coffee house. Here’s why a coffee date rocks.

Friends at breakfast having coffee, two young friends holding cu

16. The Aroma

Is there anything better than the delicious smell of coffee? Consider the conversation if you instead chose a sushi bar date: “Don’t you just love that raw fish smell?”

15. The Music

Music at coffee houses is pleasant, eclectic, and relaxing. There’s no need to scream to be heard over the blaring sounds of a night club or to grimace awkwardly when a bar plays “Now You’re Messing With a Son of a Bitch.”

14. The Clientele

Have you ever gone to a club or bar only to watch some drunken fool flirt with anybody and everybody before finally getting kicked out? Coffee house patrons are mild-mannered and genial.

13. The Safety

It is a very bad idea to meet a date at an isolated location like a park or underpass. Coffee house have enough eyes around to ensure nothing dangerous happens and that unwanted behavior is not tolerated.

12. The Casual Feel

Going to an opera or fancy function that requires tuxes and ball gowns may be fine on occasion, but to really get to know somebody a casual atmosphere is best. It allows a degree of comfort and openness not found in formal functions.

11. The Choices

It would suck to go to a steakhouse and find out your date is a vegetarian. At a coffee house, there’s something for everybody. Even if your date is not big on coffee, there’s teas, hot chocolates, and waters.

10. The Savings

While spending big may earn you appreciation, nobody wants to blow $100 or more at a fancy restaurant only to find out that the two of you are incompatible. Coffee house menus are guaranteed not to break the bank.

9. The Cleanliness

We’ve all probably been to some diner with dust-covered tables and flies hovering around the kitchen. Coffee houses tend to be very clean and will prevent that date from being eager to flee due to concerns about rare diseases or lice.

8. No Waiters

All too often waiters or waitresses are overworked, forgetful, or snooty. Rather than trying to chase down a snippy waiter who wants nothing more than for you to leave a big tip and get lost, you get your order quickly without having to endure the sycophantic drivel.

7. The Sweet Stuff

Coffee houses usually have an excellent selection of pastries and other dessert items. While it would be unforgivably cliche to say, “Here’s a sweet for my sweetie”, sweets are well received on dates.

6. The Modern Factor

While that mom and pop restaurant that was “good enough for my parents and my parent’s parents” might seem folksy and quaint, coffee houses have a more modern vibe that will end any thoughts of addressing your date as “thee” or “thou”.

5. Calm Kids

Nothing will make a date turn sour like sitting at a restaurant’s play place watching kids throw food at each other and scream. While kids are sometimes at coffee houses, at least there are no areas where they can act like demons.

4. No Ridiculous Birthday Songs

Those hokey birthday songs that are sung at some eateries grow old real fast. Skip all that nonsense and go the coffee house route.

3. The Conversation

Coffee houses elicit conversation like nowhere else. Perhaps it’s due to the tranquil atmosphere or not having to pore over lengthy menus. Whatever the case, you can always come up with something to talk about even if it’s only chit chat.

2. Fast or Slow

If things aren’t going well, there is no need to shovel down a ton of food to hurry up and end the date. If things are going well, the option of staying as long as desired is always available.

1. The Coffee

Yes, lots of places serve coffee. However, it’s usually uninspired goop that can be purchased at any grocery store. Get some real coffee that tastes satisfying and elicits smiles instead of gloom.