12 Activities That Are Way Better With a Cup of Coffee

Non-coffee drinkers just don’t get it: Coffee makes everything better. The beloved caffeine infusion sparks brain cells that register enjoyment. If you need proof, check out this list of things that are better when drinking coffee. Is your favorite better-with-coffee activity on the list?

Cup Of Coffee In Hand

1. Dessert

That double-chocolate ultra fudge cake will sweet-kill your taste buds. You can counter it with a brisk espresso for a creamy-bitter compliment that elevates the chocolate flavors.

2. Work

Do you need a moment to formulate an explanation for why widget sales are down? One leisurely sip of a tall cup of coffee gives you time to think of an answer while appearing thoughtful and reflective. Your boss will be impressed with the intellectual response.

3. Warm up

Is it freezing outside or does a polar bear have control of the air conditioning? Don’t worry. A bracing cup of steaming coffee can break through the icicles forming on your eyebrows. Coffee warms the core, then spreads warmth throughout the body.

4. Read

Let your brain keep pace with the latest mass market paperback thriller or focus on the details of that memo from the homeowners association. Coffee helps the brain process information more efficiently.

5. Write

Hmm, how do I thank Aunt Mary for the pet seashell she sent for my birthday? Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee will help to resolve this situation and keep you in her good graces.

6. Show Hospitality

Few aromas stimulate a sense of welcome like the smell of coffee. When you can pour a fresh cup for a guest, you become a hostess or host with style and grace.

7. Wake Up

Nothing dispels that bleary-eyed feeling faster than a bracing hot cup of joe. Get the pep back in your step early to make the most of the day. Then, take a cup in the car and hit the road ready for a busy day.

8. Apply Cosmetics

Get the boost you need to choose between “buff caramel” and “toasty taupe” eyeshadows. You can contemplate the blue undertones over a cupful of a French-press-brewed blend then complete your beauty routine.

9. Mani/Pedi

Overcome the language barrier with the nail technician by bringing a cup of coffee to your appointment. Since you have one indulgent experience happening, you can make it two and give your hands and mouth something to do while your feet soak.

10. Breaks

Once upon a time, they were called coffee breaks. Let’s put the coffee back into the break, so it can be more enjoyable. You work too hard and should take the time to pour a cup and savor the flavor with your feet on the desk.

11. Go Outside

Perfect Saturday afternoons call for perfect cups of coffee. You can use the patio furniture in the ways it was made for when you bring that mug of drip along.

12. Cool Down

Hot summer days demand cool beverages. Iced or frozen coffees cool you off and give a boost of energy to overcome the drain of a hot day. Add a touch of caramel or vanilla to iced or frozen coffees for a real treat.