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Coal Creek Coffee Company

We are Coal Creek Coffee Company, purveyors of premium, gourmet whole bean coffees. We are based in Laramie, Wyoming. Undoubtedly, our incredible coffees are why you're here and they are some of the finest in all the world. In fact, of all coffee grown annually, only 10% are of high enough quality to be considered "gourmet" by the specialty coffee industry. Of that 10%, we purchase only the top 2% to 3% for our offerings.

We purchase many of our coffees through "Direct Trade" agreements with our growers. We've been artfully roasting coffee for more than fifteen years and our Roasting Staff are members of the Roaster's Guild and the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America).

Our cafes are delightful and welcoming. Many of our Barista are members of the Barista Guild in the SCAA and all are well trained in the art of creating delicious coffees and espresso. All our baked goods and foods are created by us, in house, from scratch with quality ingredients. If you're ever in Laramie please come see us. We would love to serve you and treat you to our world-class coffee experience. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy our site.

Enjoy exploring our website and remember...
"Life is too short for bad coffee!"